Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Add-Texts to your photo

Hi guys ! I'm come back with a new tutorial "How to add texts to your photos".There have many Apps can do that,but i'll share to you guys my favorite one.Here : "Over" App
"Over" isnt FREE,cost 1.99$ so I'll make a "hack over app" post next day,and just for member-only.If you want to read that private post,please Register here.

1.Open Over and Select your photo
You can Add text and Artwork

2.Add anything you want and Edit 

3.Choose Font and ArtWork from Library of Over
Character can change your space of texts,I use it the most hehe

4.Here,Artwork make you photo amazing

5.Save your photo and the result <3

Here my photo result 

Up-coming : Make Curve Texts To You Photos

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