- Rule in my blog -

I wrote those Rules cause' I wanna make sure my blog protected.If you appreciate my efforts,please read this and follow.Thank you so much :) 

Before enter blog and read posts,please read the Rules and Instructions section.

Non vulgarism,racist and insult others  (Comment,Chat-box). If you have any question,opinion or  report others,please contact me. 

Do not copy tutorials without my permission,if you wanna copy,please credit my blog and leave a comment in that post.You can sharing link post with Facebook,twitter without asking me :p

I dont force you to register my blog,feel free to read and use my tutorials to edit your photos or anythings.Just some private posts (like hacking app,tricks for app),you need to be a member to wiew it.

 No sharing member's password (I will change once/month)


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